[who are you?]

Hi! I am Elizabeth/Eliza.

HOKOHOKO Fibre Co. is run and operated by [me] 💁‍♀️, a maker with a former fine art background in drawing and painting. My works then often explored the play between colour studies and canvas weaving. My work now lean into textile creations using yarn and fibres in knitting, spinning and weaving practises. 

Currently living hyphen as a Hong Kong-Canadian-creative-homecook-learner and most recently, indie-dyer and small business owner. And when I say owner, I am a one gal team running communications, design, socials, marketing, studio maintenance, the actual hands on dyeing part and being in charge of writing this bio.

[what does hokohoko mean?]

HOKOHOKO is short for Hong Kong, a place and space where I imagined a dye studio that offers hand-dyed yarns and fibres to fuel textile creations.

And if you are asking, why Hong Kong? I was born there! And spent my formative years as a young kiddo monkeying around the city, going to school, eating good food and learning Cantonese.‎ 

Hong Kong is geographically located in a subtropical climate that is not common for wool production. During my slice of life there, I would often come across cotton or synthetic yarns with few woolen options.

This was when I thought I would give HKHKFC a go and sporting more wool options. So far, I enjoy being a small shop ~smooth operator~.  

[why i love what i do] labour of love

HKHKFC is a crossover between my appreciation for natural fibres, colour (paint, dye, pigment) and handmade, slow-made objects and wearables. 

Running HKHKFC allows me to reflect, create, connect with other makers and continue to learn from local and international fibre communities. I also just LOVE seeing what people get up to with fibres (dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, etc.). My favourite thing to knit is a sweater.