What do you mean by hand-dyed yarn and fibres?

We apply colour (dye) to each skein of yarn or fibre (roving/combed top) by hand! Meaning variations, speckles, or happy accidents can occur in each batch of dye.‎ 

Colours can vary between skeins, even if they are in the same dye bath. Applications can range from solid colours, speckled bits, glaze or a combination of techniques. The result creates a unique skein of yarn and fibres every time. ‎ 

What yarn bases are offered?

We mainly work with protein fibres sourced in North America. We currently carry 4-5 yarn bases on rotation. Protein fibres can include wool, mohair, silk, alpaca, and cashmere. Blended bases can include recycled nylon for extra strength and durability in fibre blends. ‎ 

We will expand to a greater selection of yarn bases in the future but at this time, we want to continue working with our current collection.

Check out "Fibre Bases" to learn more. ‎‎ ‎ 

When I receive a skein/hank of yarn, how do I use it?

All of our yarns are offered in a skein form, meaning they need to be wounded into a ball or cake before use. Most commonly, you can wind skeins or hanks by placing them into a Yarn Swift and begin winding by hand or attach a yarn end to to a yarn winder.‎ 

Each skein of yarn will come with three to four ties. Ties are loosely secured around each skein of yarn. One tie will be attached to the beginning and end of a skein, this is the one to use and secure when winding.

Wash and care, how do I care for my wool projects?

We recommend hand-washing your projects (unless you are using superwash fibres). Some simple steps to follow when caring for your protein fibre items:‎ 

• Wash cool in recommended soaps (Eucalan or Soak) and follow label instructions‎ 

• Spin dry (in the dryer or in a salad spinner) to reduce dry time. Try not to wring, twist, or squeeze aggressively to prevent fibres from felting‎ 

• Lay flat to dry (if it is your first time washing your project, you can 'block' the item to permanently fix its shape)‎ 

*Blocking is a process when you wash, shape and dry an item. During this process, fibres can bloom and even out stitches, creating more uniformed stitches and drape in the garment. Blocking pins can be used to help your project take a more permanent shape.‎ 

Typically, wool products don't require frequent washing unless garment is soiled. You can steam clean in between washes by using a clothing steam iron. This helps to freshen up the garment. You may also air out between washes. 

I ran out of yarn in a specific colourway and it is out of stock online, what can I do?

We have all been there with either miscalculating yardage or just guesstimating for a project. But because of the nature of hand-dyed products, no two skeins are alike even in the same dye lot. When colourways are restocked, it's difficult to guarantee it'll be an exact match to an earlier batch. We recommend that you purchase enough yarn required for a project.‎ 

If all else fails, please reach out to us [info@hokohokofibreco.com] and we will see what we can come up with.