[Eloise - Lace]


70% Super Kid Mohair / 30% Mulberry Silk

50g (1.7 oz.), 1 ply

400 metres (437 yards)‎

Eloise is a mohair and silk duo that creates a fluffy halo to any work and is one of HOKOHOKO’s long time faaaaavourites. Use single for lace weight garments, held double for extra fluff or pair it with your best fibre base to add a fuzzy halo effect.

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[Ingrid - Worsted]


100% Superwash Merino Wool

115g (4 oz.), 1 ply

205 metres (224 yrds)‎ 

Ingrid is your single yarn that has a lot of character as a stand-alone yarn and Ingrid is no ply-er.Don’t be fooled by its unassuming lack of plies, Ingrid is a delicate dancer so it’s ideal for garments that require drape and movement. Single ply wool works up beautifully in shawls for its softness so give this one a go in your wearable projects. We just don’t suggest using it for socks, but give it a try anyway, we aren’t the fibre officers.

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[Dottie - Fingering / Sock]


100% Superwash Wool

100g (3.5 oz.), 2 ply

350 metres (382 yards) ‎ 

Dottie is as classic as yarn gets at 2 ply and at fingering weight. Dottie carries well in lightweight garments and socks or in whatever project you dream of. This soft base has beautiful twist definition and subtle shine. Try pairing Dottie and Eloise (lace mohair & silk) for the ultimate yarn combo and floof.

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[Duncan - Sport]


100% Untreated Blue Faced Leicester

115g (4 oz.), 3 ply

256 metres (280 yards)‎ 

Duncan, a BFL (a sheep breed named Blue Faced Leicester) is a soft and incredibly durable fibre so your projects are less likely to wear out or stretch over time. It has a slight lustrous sheen and natural resistance to felting. Duncan, the BFL is our new BFF (best friend forever) and likely your BFF too in wearables for its wonderful characteristics!

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[Dove - Fingering / Sock]


75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

100g (3.5 oz.), 4 ply, 400 metres (437 yards)

Dove is the perfect combination of warmth and durability with a blend of superwash merino and nylon at 3 ply. This yarn base can be a classic for tough socks or creations that require more resistance to long-term wear and tear. Dove is as light as a dove!

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[Dove - DK]


75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon

100g (3.5 oz.), 4 ply, 225 metres (246 yards)

Dove (DK) is the perfect combination of warmth and durability with a blend of superwash merino wool and recycled nylon at 4 ply. This yarn base can be a classic for tough socks and it knits up much faster at DK weight! So if you need some speedy socks that can knit up in a day or two, go for Dove (DK)!

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[AP Wool - Worsted]


100% Superfine SW Merino Wool

115g (4 oz.), 4 ply, 192 metres (210 yrds)

The AP Wool is as its name suggest, an all-purpose, well rounded yarn base that's perfect for any project you dream of. With great bounce and high twist, this yarn is easy to tension and knits up evenly with beautiful stitch definition. Perfect for colour and stitch work. Its fibre weight sits in between a thick DK (double knit) and a light worsted yarn weight, so perfect for projects that just needs a little oomph in filling in the gaps!

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[Susu - Lace]


75% Baby Suri / 25% Mulberry Silk

50g (1.7 oz.), 1 ply, 420 metres (459 yrds)

Susu (short for Suri) is a baby alpaca and silk duo that often gets compared to mohair lace. But dare we say it's not the same! Susu also adds a soft texture to any project you wish like mohair silk does but it's just a teeny tiny bit more fuzzy and cloud like. Suri alpaca is a good alternative to those who may be sensitive to mohair silk lace but still wish to play with the fluffy halo effect. It pairs incredibly well with a base yarn or held double! Give this one a go!

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