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Duncan MINI - [Sport]

Duncan MINI - [Sport]

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Colourways that are tagged OOAK (one of a kind) means once this colour is gone, it's gone for good! 

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100% Untreated Blue Faced Leicester

25g (.9 oz.), 3ply, 56 metres (62 yrds)

Kit: 100g (3.5oz), 3ply, 224 metres (248 yards)

Duncan, a BFL (a sheep breed named Blue Faced Leicester) is a soft and incredibly durable fibre so your projects are less likely to wear or stretch out over time. It has a slight lustrous sheen and natural resistance to felting. Duncan, the BFL is our new BFF (best friend forever) and likely your BFF too in wearables for its wonderful characteristics!

Eliza’s notes:

If you are wondering where the name Blue Faced Leicester came from, it is from the distinctive dark blue skin BFLs have. BFL is a well-rounded fibre contender that suits many projects requiring durability and softness. Fun to knit with and fun to dye! Give it a try!

Good things to know:

Using great hand-dyed yarns come with great responsibilities. Just kidding. But there are some things we want you to know:

  • Each skein is coloured with care in a ‘hand-dye’ process, meaning we apply colour to each skein by hand. Variegations and irregularities can occur even if hanks are treated in the same dye lot or batch. All skeins are unique!
  • We suggest purchasing enough yarn for your project use and alternate skeins for even colouring.
  • Care: we recommend hand-washing cold, squeeze or spin dry and dry flat. 
  • We photograph our products in a light controlled environment and we try our best to display colour accuracy that are true to each batch. Please note that colours can still translate differently between monitors.
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